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Airport West 15.11.101 def Westmeadows 10.10.70


We went into this game with 1 win and 1 loss for the season so far and so the boys were looking for a win to get on the positive side of the ledger.  They knew that it was going to be a good tight contest and that the team that kept presenting, running and going in for the ball would be the team ahead at the final siren.

The boys were led on to the ground and through the banner by Trent Thomson who was playing his 100th game.

The first quarter saw Airport West leading the possessions and the time spent in forward 50.  We were peppering the goals and could have held a more convincing lead but for two set shots hitting the post.  The game had its ebbs and flows with both sides having a run on goals at different times.  An eight point lead at quarter time was extended slightly to 11 points at half time.  It was a tight tussle which saw Tom Muscat dominant at Centre half forward and Dion Crifo working hard in the ruck and around the ground.  Sam Candotti held up the defence at centre half back with some terrific marking and close checking and Angus Walker finding some touch and space around the goals.

The lead at half time was quickly slashed by three quick Tiger goals early in the third quarter putting the pressure on the Eagles to keep their heads and ensure they stayed on their men, found the spaces and went in for the hard ball.  At three quarter time we were 2 points down and coach Ange Gentile called for all players to step up and want the win.  The first goal of the final quarter was scored by the opposition but to the boys credit they kept their cool knowing that there was still plenty of time left.  The next 15 minutes saw an onslaught of goals from the Airport West team led by Ben Wilson who stepped up and forced the ball forward, determined to keep it there and score.  Two exciting off the ground goals by Ben and Ethan McShanag was icing on the cake for terrific teamwork provided by all the boys, to ensure that we grabbed a much deserved win.  Ben finished with four goals in the final quarter of the 6 piled on by the team. Coach Ange congratulated the boys for following instructions and for the very resounding statistic of 7 hard ball gets to 1 in the last quarter.  Testament to the great work of the team.

The boys sang the song with gusto, dousing Trent with gatorade to commemorate this fantastic team effort and a strong game by Trent himself who held tough on the backline all day.

Goal Kickers: Ben Wilson 4, Ethan McShanag 2, Tom Muscat 2, Will Andrews 2, Billy Paraskevas , Angus Walker , Jack Deoki , Aaron Neumeister , Dean Antony
Best Players: Tom Muscat, Dion Crifo, Ben Wilson, Billy Paraskevas, Angus Walker, Jack Deoki