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The boys trained well during the week in anticipation for a big match against Avondale Heights who were the other other unbeaten team in the competition.

We were missing 3 players prior to the match and one was severely hampered by an arm injury which left the team with no bench for the last 3 quarters.

The game started out hard and fast with Avondale moving the ball very quickly and scoring a goal early in the first quarter.  Avondale controlled the game for the first 6 or 7 minutes and the defenders worked hard to make sure it was only one goal that was scored.  The second half of the first quarter saw the boys start to click and their movement out of defence was good and was rewarded when they went in at quarter time with a 2 point lead.

A couple of boys were changed into different positions in the second quarter which saw Airport West extend its lead to 9 points by the half.  The team work was very good and their ball movement was getting better.

The third quarter was a real highlight in that all 18 players on the field put in a massive contribution which saw Airport West control the football in all parts of the ground. The boys worked for each other and ball use was excellent, and at the end of the third quarter the lead had extended to 27 points after the boys kicked 3 goals to zero in the third quarter.

We knew Avondale would come out hard in the last quarter and they did, scoring a goal quickly, followed by 2 more points as they controlled the first 5 minutes. The defenders and midfielders had to work hard and then the momentum shifted towards Airport West. We then controlled the next 5 – 6 minutes scoring 1 goal 2 behinds t breakeven for the quarter.

It was a fantastic game by all those that took part and a real challenge for the boys to which they handled in an unbelievable manner

As a coach, I am very proud of the way the boys responded and played the game for a full four quarters. All the parents of the boys have much to smile about seeing the progression of their child and the unity within the team.

Another big test this week against Craigieburn who are 3rd. A win will see Airport West undefeated going into the second half of the year and the boys should be full of confidence.