May 30, 2013 / by Craig Moore / No Comments

Airport West 8 – 17  – 65 were defeated by Greenvale 15 – 10 – 100

Goals Corouzou, Iles, C Rogers 2, McVeigh & Urquhart 1

Best Contessa, Godden, Corouzou, Saliba, Iles & Boyd

A sparkling start with Clayton getting 2 before someone poked Greenvale with a stick and woke them up, quarter time a score of 7 – 2 to 2 – 4 in Greenvales favour.

Angry must have worked a little magic at half time and APW came out and won the 3rd quarter.  A check of the score board reveals 25 shots on goal each?? I wonder what is on the agenda at training this week.

A foreign visitor has been frequenting APW games and has been quite taken by the game, following the game on Saturday he was heard to say how the organisation responsible should be commended for the way they have taken care of the folk in orange.  There are not too many organisations would would give sight impaired and persons of questionable parentage such opportunities.

A couple of other comments deserve mention, a couple of club stalwarts have recently declared “we are the real deal, we have been cheated by an ambulance, that other mob only beat us because the wind was on their side, it kept changing giving them the scoring end each quarter.  Yeah and that other lot tried to kill Marcus!  However, my favourite came last week, when the umpires gave them 13 50’s and 3 of them were 80’s.  The maths has to be done on this one 10 times 50 equals 500 and 3 times 80 equals 240. A total of 740 divide this by 22 players and get an answer of 33.63636  metres each.

Thanks to all volunteer staff again this week, especially the combination of Field and Murphy, who were responsible for the lifting of water restrictions.