Aug 07, 2013 / by Craig Moore / No Comments

Airport West 22 – 17 – 149 vanquished Oak Park 9 – 11 – 65

Best Walsh, Saliba, Scown, Watts, Hogan & Kenny

Goals Kenny 6, Walsh 4, Schultz, Harris 3, Rogers 2, Contessa, Hogan, Saliba & Scown 1

It was like Happy Days out there, The Fonz (Adam Contessa) and Ritchie Cunningham (Daniel Harris) as usual ran the show and there was a moral to the story. The game must be played on our terms and we are not to allow the opposition dictate how the game is to be played. Ralph (Lindsay Scown) and Pottsy ( Andrew Walsh) played their roles. Howard (Colbs) and Marion ( Oliveria Skorsis) provided their usual sage like advice.

After the game, we went back to Arnold’s and Al (John Carroll) was his normal jovial self.

Well done boys another win , Marby next week.

Thanks to the volunteer crew once again.

Hogans Heroes next week!