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Airport West 5.6-36 def Roxburgh Park 3.0-18

It was a tough contest and possessions were hard earned, but the boys again proved they were up to the challenge. The final margin of 18 points does not truly reflect the boy’s efforts – with 11 scoring shots to three, it quite easily could have been a much greater margin.

Special mention goes out to our milestone players: Flynn Gentile (57 games), Ryan Martin (55 games), Luke Schicchitano (51 games) and Marcus Kanavas (50 games). Congratulations boys on a wonderful achievement.

50 Games Flynn marcus Luke Ryan

The team was ably led by this week’s captains, Jasper Young and Marcus Kanavas. Jasper was just terrific on the weekend, never shying away from a contest even when the opposition was bumping hard, highlighting his brave personality. Marcus, was every bit the seasoned performer, picking up plenty of possessions and working hard to involve his team mates.

Jacob Platt showed pace when up forward – there was one contest where he ran hard to get there, won the footy and had a shot towards goal. Goal kicking was dominated this week by Flynn Gentile who was the game’s only multiple goal scorer. Flynn worked hard to create opportunities up forward and push back to help our backmen. Our other goal kickers were Carlos Intrepido who kicked straight from a set shot after marking strongly, and Isaac Cullen who for the second week in a row snapped truly with instinctive goal sense.

There were no tougher on the day than Josh Pardo and Dylan Fsadni – both boys received multiple knocks from the opposition and bounced back up again and again to meet the next contest.

Mitchell Pontin was a pillar of strength when playing in defence – repelling opposition attacks like Aerogard repels mozzies. Jack Thomson and Liam Cox broke packs with gusto and were an example for their team mates.

If you put a footy at the bottom of a pack and wait a while, inevitably you will see Max Guarnaccia with his hands on it. Max didn’t stop attacking contests all game and is quickly becoming “Mr One Percenter”.

In addition to his clever ruck work Noah Candotti took some strong marks and ran swiftly down the wing with confidence, setting up scoring opportunities for the team’s forwards.

The boys showed great maturity this week by keeping their minds on the game in what was a tough contest. Congratulations boys – bring on Westmeadows and Go Eagles!

NOTE: Next week’s game against Westmeadows has been moved to 8:45am. Players are required at the ground by 8:15am.

Anthony Cullen