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On a slightly breezy morning, we had the pleasure of 4 boys celebrating their 50th games.  It was particularly pleasing for me as I have coached these boys for most of their football and have taken delight in their progress.

Those boys were Anthony Ossino, Luca Rocca, Jarod Pontin and Christian Galtieri

The focus of the game was around structure and the boys being able to hold their positions which they did perfectly on the weekend.

As a result, every time the ball was inside the forward 50 we scored and on almost every occassion, the ball did not leave the forward 50 until a goal was scored.

The game was highlighted by some big marking from Jarod who kicked 4 goals, crumbing in the 50 by Alec who also converted 4 times. Everyone that rotated through the midfield did their job and their was a lot more use of hand ball to carry the ball which was a pleasing feature.

There was more run in the kid’s legs and they were able to spread quickly out of defence and transition into the forward line using our wingmen which was great.

Another highlight for the game was that John D kicked his first goal and as such we have had every member of the team kick a goal this season which is a great effort by the boys. The boys are continually rotated through all positions and are learning what is expected from them in each position and the team is being rewarded through their efforts

We have a big game this week against Avondale Heights which is the other undefeated team. A big effort from the boys will be required and a win this week will set up the boys for the rest of the season