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It was a beautiful morning for football and the game represented the first real challenge for the boys, after having won quite convincingly over the last 3 weeks.

The first quarter went according to plan and the boys executed the plays very well having some 10 scoring shots but unfortunately only scoring 3 goals.

The second quarter Marby Park tightened up and played man on man and it was a real battle for both teams with scoring being found very difficult to come by.

Th 3rd quarter was pretty much like the second quarter with much of the play being played between half forward and half back for both teams

The last quarter was a real struggle for the boys, as Marby Park came out hard and attacked the goals on numerous occasions.

To the boys credit, the midfield and defence stood up to the challenge and walked away with a victory to remain undefeated, 4 games into the season.

I am looking forward to this Sunday as not only is it Mothers Day, but there are boys playing their 50th this weekend.

Looking forward to a big team effort, not only to make the mums proud but also for their team mates who are celebrating their first milestone